Wrap Around


Wrap Around Edgeboard

Eltete TPM edgeboard made out of carton, is a 100% recyclable transport packaging product. It protects the edges of products with different shapes. WA-edgeboard has been designed for rolls, round tables or other round or irregular objects.



  • BIO
  • Surface: white or brown

       HS (Heat-Sealed)

  • Surface: White or Brown
  • Humidity Proof

Available also as a heavy-duly (with reinforcement) or self-

adhesive version.

All our edgeboards are 100% recyclable according to the European ReSy norms.


 To finalize the packaging, we can also provide  a wide range of protective discs and sheets for  the ends and sides of the rolls.

Steel industry has changed their way of packaging from steel protection to carton WA-edgeboards. Carton is much easier to handle and they have found this type of Packaging very suitable for their needs in many ways.


  • Proper and plastic roll producers have been able to reduce transport damage by protecting the ends of their products with compact WA-edgeboards.
  • Furniture industry is producing delicate products of vastly varying shape and size, without WA, they would have trouble finding effective protection.



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