The U-Profile is a the perfect ‘shock absorber’ for your products

Designed to protect surfaces from scratches and transport damage,without adding extra volume or weight to the load. 100% recyclable carton board protection is an ideal green solution for multiple applications (doors, windows, table tops, panels, pipes, profiles, etc.). Printing options allow you to brand your packaging.

Two U-profiles make a strong transport box. Used commonly for long products.

  • Protects the product while holding it together.
  • Two U-Profiles make a transport box.
  • Punched-out corners convert the U-Profile into a frame.
  • FlexProfile allows you to protect uneven shapes.
  • Shock absorber for door openings, stairs or fragile equipment during renovation or repair work.

Two U-profiles make a strong transport box.Used commonly for long products.


Equal sides

Pressing effect

Unequal sides

Different options

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