Savings In material, transport, warehousing, recycling, labour cost and time.
Volume By reducing packaging material, you will need less space in the warehouse and can load more. Weight and volume reduction are the keys to huge savings.
Innovation You will be at the front of the queue to benefit from our continuous product development with the newest innovations.
Design and R&D Based on a careful study of each individual application, we can design for you an optimal packaging solution to meet the needs of strength and other requirements.
Logistic chain Correctly chosen safe, light and high-quality protective packaging will avoid customer complaints and works efficiently throughout the logistics chain.
Environment  Your company’s CO2 footprint will be reduced using 100%-recyclable and single- material carton packaging.
Image You will benefit from a better company image by using environmentally-friendly materials.
Recycling Your satisfied end customers will receive their goods undamaged and can easily unpack and dispose of the packaging material.
Local service Our global production and sales network reach all continents.
Education We will provide you with the training and knowledge of our products that you require. We will keep you informed of the latest legislation in packaging.
Case studies     We will share our latest global customer case studies with you in order to boost your business.