Honeycomb Board

Honeycomb Board

Honeycomb Board

Sustainable packaging is your contribution to the environment


Multiple Applications

• Cushioning material
• Product dividers
• Base for a carton pallet
• Side walls of a box ”The Box”
• Void filler in containers to secure cargo
• Substitute for wood
• Other applications
(space dividers in rooms, furniture,etc)

Eltete honeycomb board is a 100% recyclable carton product. Its hexagonal structure provides extraordinary strength, and makes it suitable as protection for transport packaging and also for a multitude of other applications.

Thanks to its characteristics, the honeycomb board can easily be shaped or cut, converting it into the exact elements required for its end use.

Different Quality And Size Options
Cell size: 12 mm
Thickness: 15, 20, 25 and 30 mm
Max width: 1600 mm
Max length: 3200 mm

Surface Material
Chosen according to strength requirements
Kraftliner: 300 or 400 gsm
Duplex: 250 or 450 gsm
Grey Board: 450 gsm
Other options available

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Case Studies
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