Carton Pallet

Extra strong carton pallet – tested and approved for the most demanding conditions.

The secret of the strength of Eltete APPA® Carton Pallets lies in the laminated carton board pallet feet-PallRuns® and 

the top board which is carefully chosen for each application.Compression strength, impact, humidity and dragging resistance are in a class of their own, when compared to other carton pallet solutions.

APPA pallet is an excellent environmentally-friendly alternative for wooden, plastic or other pallets. Due to its light weight, you will make significant savings in transport cost, both in land and airfreight. APPA® pallets are ideal for export shipments as they are ISPM-15 compliant and need no treatment as wood does.


Different height and size options maximise space use, which allows you to load more.

APPA® pallets have been tested in the laboratories of Innventia, a world leader in R&D relating to pulp, paper and packaging.






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