Eltete in brief

Eltete was the first company to introduce edgeboards and slip sheets to Europe as far back as the 1970s. As a Nordic pioneer, we have been ahead of our time where environmental products are concerned. Today, we are more than ready to supply sustainable solutions to the Middle East.


Eltete Middle East FZ LLC is a carton board packaging refiner, a supplier of 100 % recyclable transport packaging material. Eltete quality and product development is based on decades of experience which is converted to meet the needs of our partners.

Eltete headquarters are located in Finland, our own production site can be found in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are the pioneers in producing edgeboards and recycled paper packaging solutions in the Middle East.

Sustainable products, our experience, innovative professionals, in-house product development together with a global production network are the strengths, which make us unique in our field.