About Us


Eltete Company is a world leader in transportation packaging solutions. Our 22 factories are located in 14 different countries, with presence in over 60 countries. We have been engaged in business with numerous partners around the world in transportation packaging & logistics.

Here in the Middle East, we have embraced bigger & important roles. Using Eltete 3R philosophy (Reduce, Replace and Recycle) made us so proud to serve the market and unleash our environmental friendly products to ensure optimal solutions for our partners.

Our staff are always active and visiting partners in the entire region, in order to identify the needs of partners and to create new business opportunities. In the coming years we aim to keep innovating and delivering solutions and products that will help our clients optimize their supply chain and material handling nevertheless cost effective while preserving and protecting the environment.

We look forward to engaging with you in a dialogue and explore opportunities to optimize, enhance and reduce the cost of your packaging and material handling. Let’s together protect the environment.





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